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Product Range

'The only limit to our product range is imagination...'  Therefore this is not a finite list of products that we create.  Enjoy looking through some of our work but more importantly give us a call and get excited about what we can do for your project that is individual to you and your outdoor environment.

Active Play and Sports

No Ball Games’Do Not Run’No Throwing’ fortunately these signs are becoming a thing of the past. Children need to move and providing outdoor spaces where they can develop their Fundamental Movement Skills are essential. 

DBDplay has a wide range of solutions to help you deliver activities that will help your pupils to run, throw, kick and climb. Through consultation we can work together to establish the best way to develop your outdoor play environment to ensure pupils are engaged in an active life with all the social benefits that brings. For more information on Fundamental Movement Skills click here.

Imaginative and Creative Play

Dens, role play and stories, all of these encourage the magic and shapeshifting of childhood.

Outdoor school play environments should create opportunities for children to embrace free play. When children use their imagination in play, they are learning to solve problems and develop critical thinking skills. It is also cornerstone in the creation of social qualities such as co-operation, empathy and appreciation of others.

At DBDplay we can offer a variety of solutions, some are prescriptive such as a Mud Kitchen or Performance Stage, whilst others such as Dens and Shelters provide a framework for a child’s imagination that they can adapt to the game of the day.

Outdoor Classrooms and Canopies

Can we go outside? Taking the curriculum outside into the sunshine used to be the stuff of dreams! However outdoor classrooms are now seen as an essential part of any school’s outdoor environment. Our range of Hexagonal Outdoor Classrooms and Square Gazebos are designed for flexibility and can have flooring, side panels and internal seating specifically designed for your school’s individual educational needs.

Our Rectangular Canopies can be free standing or attached to a classroom, we have a variety of roof styles, side panels and flooring. The design will depend on the canopies purpose, it is to shield parents from the elements at pick up, provide dry storage for bikes and bags or extend the classroom environment.

Furniture, Fencing and Storage

Outside Story Telling Areas, Circle Time seating and Benches play a key role in pupil Learning and Development. They offer Enabling Environments where children can listen, share ideas and voice opinions supporting their Personal, Social and Emotional Development. As with all DBDplay solutions, we can design your outdoor seating spaces to meet your curriculum needs.

Fencing needn’t be dull, it can be purely functional, segregating different age groups or classes. Or it can support Learning and Development with interactive fencing panels that pupils can use for literacy and expressive arts and design.

Outside Storage is essential and we have a range of Storage Sheds and Boxes that can be used to store a variety of outdoor playground essentials. Be it the pots and pans for the Mud Kitchen, the hula hoops and bean bags for Physical Literacy or the trowels and forks for the Planter Boxes in the school garden.

Surfacing and Landscaping

We feel that surfacing and landscaping are underrated.

Surfacing and landscaping are an integral part of a whole playground design. The right surfacing choice can extend the useable space of your playground, but also encourage and contribute towards imaginative and creative play.

Boulder streams, grassy mounds, cobble stone pathways leading to hidden fountains. DBDplay can create stimulating and inclusive landscapes in the most unlikely of outdoor spaces.