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Bishop Road Primary School

DBDplay always enjoy a challenge and being as creative as possible. Bishop Road Primary School provided the perfect opportunity. 

We have worked with schools for almost twenty years and are so excited to share this transformation with you!

What they had

Bishop Road Primary School used to have this as a useless space that was in-between classrooms because of extensions that had previously been made to the original school building to accommodate all of their 800 pupils. It was often referred to as a no man's land. 

As you can see from the photos the surfacing was rough and uneven and the whole area was bare and not used for anything educationally beneficial for the students. 

The space lends itself nicely to a story garden because of the enclosed feeling from the wall and the original school building. The outdoor area can only be accessed through two classrooms so the story garden had to accommodate this too.

What they wanted

The school has a story centred curriculum, their ethos says they, "recognise narrative as a fundamental way that people share meaning and develop a sense of the world. Story is the basis for our approach to social, emotional and academic development and the cornerstone to our broad and balanced curriculum."

So bearing this in mind their aim and what they wanted to create was an area that was an imaginative break-out space with themes of classic stories including 'The Wizard of Oz' 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Bishop Road Primary School wanted an outdoor, multi-use area that made the most of the space, was practical to have groups or classes of children in and also enjoyable, fun and educational. 

What we did

Our work is bespoke to each individual school or customer so being able to incorporate all of the elements such as a yellow brick road, a Narnia lamp and a small door as represented in each of the stories into the school design just shows how unique what we create can be! It also showcases what can be made of a space that you think is wasted or unable to change - creativity goes a long way!

With the volume of pupils at the primary school, the design also needed to ensure that it would all be long lasting and the bespoke nature of our work meant that the ideas the school had could be catered for and all the elements could be made to fit the specific outdoor area. The timber used is a hard wood meaning it's low maintenance and also lasts a lot longer than a soft wood, all advantages for a busy team of school staff!

This story garden is as perfect as it can be, a grotty yard has been transformed into a golden space for all!

PTFA Chair, Riannoa Benson

Before & after